Introducing my mini-me!



I was very excited when I saw that has sewing contests. I’ve had so many distractions lately and I knew this was just the thing to get me back on track with my sewing. The contest for August 2016 is for children’s sewing. You can select any pattern or draft your own. Now if you sew and you are a mother of boys, you know that we do not have the same choices in patterns as mothers of girls. I am always searching for some pattern that isn’t a button down shirt or cargo pants/shorts (as it seems that’s all there is for boys).


Needless to say, I am quite often disappointed. But when I came across this PDF pattern by Felicity, I decided to give it a try. While I have been sewing off and on for most of my life, I only began “seriously” in May 2015. So there are lots of things that are new to me/new again. This pattern was fun to make. My son picked the fabric because he loves Paw Patrol. I am not crazy about the size of the characters on the fabric but it’s his shirt. I got to work on my topstitching, interfacing, and pattern placement for this pattern. By far, I learned the most about the later two with this shirt. With interface, I used to cut corners because I didn’t think it mattered. I learned that it makes a difference in how your garment looks when finished. I took a Craftsy course on Perfect Pattern Placement which helped me when cutting out my pattern. I was able to get some of my son’s favorite characters in prominent positions. Honestly, before I just followed the layout on the pattern instructions with may not be the best placement for my fabric.


Back to the actual Felicity pattern, I found the instructions easy to follow and very well written. My shirt looked like the picture on the pattern. If I made this pattern again, I would likely use a knit instead but otherwise, I do like it.


For the jacket, I used a jacket that he currently has that’s getting too small. Let’s define “too small”. My son has been the same size for about 2 1/2 years (why can’t mommy be so lucky?!?!). But he is getting taller daily it seems. When we buy RTW for him, it is always too big because we have to buy for height. So using an existing jacket, I could just make it a little longer. I had some quilted knit in my stash. I was thinking of making a skirt for me with it but as soon as he saw it, it was all over. His favorite color is red so I couldn’t argue. This was my first time making a garment from another garment. In some ways, it was easier than using a commercial pattern. Certainly, I didn’t have to worry about fit quite as much as normal.


Both pieces were so much fun to make! He has already put in a request for pajamas and a winter coat. We shall see!

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